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AVLA PRO takes great pride in all our works done, and we put in our best efforts for each project.

Sound Reinforcement

Garner the attention of your visitors with a highly cohesive and integrated sound system for any stage size. Great stages are the center of attention for any event hall, and AVLA PRO is confident to equip your spaces with what it takes.

Audio Visual

Equip your AV rooms with the most complete and well rounded devices to impress your clients by keeping your presentations smooth and steady. No more worrying about technical limitations any more.

Entertainment Lighting

Captivate your visitors with dazzling lightings or immerse them into a breathing atmospheric glow - AVLA PRO's in-house professional designers have years of experience to provide the most spatially immersive spaces.

Acoustic Design

AVLA PRO's in-house acousticians are equipped with high end equipment and 3D analytical software to best treat your spaces to the best acoustical conditions for any purpose. A great sounding room makes a world of difference.